Kids Gone Bananas!

Fruit Gardens for Schools


Kids Gone Bananas!

Brent and Sarah are excited to announce their new project that is sure to bring sweet and delicious fun and education to children all across the South Florida school system.

Here’s how it works. You and your organization choose from an extensive list of delicious options, including mango, papaya, bananas, grapes, mulberries, avocado, lychee, fig, blackberry, lime and many more! We will custom design these beautiful spaces according to your personal needs and desires. Once your plan is complete, Brent’s Organic Gardens (along with the community) will be responsible for installations. Then, simply watch it grow, and enjoy!!

Spring is rolling in, and we are ready to get this program moving! Our first fruit garden is already scheduled! On April 19th, the Meadowlane Elementary School will receive two raised veggie/herb beds, generously donated by Gwendy Moya along with fruit trees and bananas donated by Brent’s Organic Gardens. Congratulations, Meadowlane, and thank you, Gwendy!

We need your help to really bring this project into full bloom. You can volunteer your time to help us build and plants these fruit gardens. You can spread the word and find schools or other public institutions e.g. nursing homes, hospitals, etc., that would be interested in this program. You can also make monetary donations to the projects so that we have the resources to implement this incredible mission all over the region!

Sweeten your landscape while contributing to South Florida’s Bright & Healthy Future.

Buy a beautiful and delicious banana or mulberry tree and your contribution will go towards creating fruit and vegetable gardens in schools all over South Florida.

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Children should have the opportunity to plant, care for, and harvest their food while learning so much about what this great planet has to offer. By Engaging the planet in this manner, they will come to understand what “Real Food” is and come to appreciate the joy and virtue in a simple life led close to the earth.

The commercial junk food market has long been capitalizing on our children’s natural affinity for sweet colorful and delicious fruits. They have been exploiting these natural relationships to push candies and other junk foods that are packed with an excess of additives, refined ingredients, and countless other toxins all under the guise of their fruity colors and flavors. All of this deceptive manipulation has even begun given stigma to the raw organic fruits themselves, creating irrational rumors about the harms of fruit sugar and the like. The manipulation and perversion of these sweet and vibrant natural wonders has us all mixed around.

Now, by reintroducing our children to fruit in it’s purest, most natural form, we can give them the joyful experience of sweet, juicy, vibrant,  colorful  fruits and , at the same time, introduce them to the joys of gardening and growing our own food. These children will grow up with a healthy body, a uniquely special connection to nature, and a practical understanding of the limitless providence beneath the soil.

Children will be excited about their healthy natural foods; they will appreciate the earth, gain a stake in the quality of the soil, and align their thoughts and actions with upholding the highest quality of the soil and all natural elements. These children will have the opportunity to grow up within a conscious partnership with nature and that is partnership that will change the world.

A project that gives our children the tools necessary to understand and actualize their relationship with their eco-systems and appreciate the nutritioin of natural whole foods, while simultaneously facilitating joyful interactions with the plants and each other, is truly higher education.

If you know a school in the south Florida area that would be open and willing to participate in this project, contact us right away! We are excited to help you and your children grow a better tomorrow!


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