Our Mission

Our mission is to promote natural wellness, sustainability, and ecological responsibility by providing a multi faceted program of in-depth and interactive education at Brent’s Online Healing Garden Learning Center.

We strive to be a working model of grassroots sustainability independent of industry that empowers the community to take personal responsibility for their lifestyles through a dynamic understanding of our ecological relationships and physiological requirements.

We promote a holistic approach to Natural wellness that encompasses all levels of health and environmental balance, and above all, we encourage the integration of these many facets of a natural lifestyle by  focusing on a core philosophy of Natural Harmony.

The theme of our education system is community. As we become a working model of education we also become a place for all members of the community to share their unique perspectives of natural wellness through their gifts of teaching and healing. We will provide a space for teachers, healers, and performers to become active in facilitating the growth and evolution of our conscious community.